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Connecting law firms and in-house counsel to reliable paralegals you can trust.
Our fast, flexible, labour-hire service makes your legal team more efficient.

What is Yegal?

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Paralegal Labour Hire

With our unique model, paralegals are employed by Yegal and are hired out for the duration of an engagement.

Efficient Resourcing

Dial up or down as necessary.

 Only pay for staff when you need them!

Eliminate Hiring Stress

We’re faster than traditional hiring. Post a job today & Yegal will have a paralegal ready to work in 48 hours.

When Do You Need Yegal?

You Have a Big Project Coming Up

In the law firm setting, we assist with e-Discovery and Cyber projects often

You've Got a Short Term Absence to Cover

Our paralegals can help you when you have just had someone depart via resignation or parental leave.

You Want to Reduce External Spend

In House clients tell us that Yegal is much cheaper than a traditional law firm.

Your Need More Help But Can't Get Approval on Additional Head Count

Our best in class paralegals are the perfect option to support corporate legal teams.

You're Not Sure If You Need Someone Full Time

We assist boutique firms who are growing but aren’t sure if they have the workload right now.

You Have Had Bad Outcomes With Previous Hires

All of our paralegals are given comprehensive background checks before we connect them to work.

The Yegal Difference

Yegal Paralegal Hire

  • Save time
  • Clear pricing
  • Pre-screened candidates
  • Dial up and down on resources as required
  • Hire from a large pool of active paralegals
  • Find the right paralegal for the job

Traditional Paralegal Hire

  • Time spent listing, screening & interviews
  • Complex pay rates, tax, super & insurance
  • Hard to screen for unqualified candidates
  • Rigid employment terms and hours
  • Candidates limited to applicant pool
  • Difficult to find/hire for specific skills

How Yegal Works

Post A Job

It takes less than two minutes to post your role to the Yegal Job Board.

Yegal Approves Role

Our admin team will accept your job posting within 24 hours. You’ll get an email to confirm your job is LIVE!

Shortlist Finalised

Yegal manages the applications. Our team (made up of lawyers) confirm the Top 3 candidates and sends their profiles to your inbox within 2 business days.

Select Candidates

You confirm which shortlisted paralegals you want to meet. We arrange an in-person or video interview if required.

Works Starts

You’ve got the best paralegal, now they get to work!

Connect with trusted, reliable paralegal talent today