We source candidates from Australia’s leading law schools. We rely heavily on referrals because we believe talented students tend to associate with each other.

Generally speaking, candidates must:

–  be in at least their third year of study (assuming undergraduate status)

–  carry a Credit Average (University Weighted Average Mark)

–  have been exposed to a legal work environment

–  demonstrate basic comprehension and attention to detail skills through testing

Our paralegals are highly intelligent University students with a strong desire to put their best forward. Where possible Yegal provides project paralegals with FREE training in your preferred process or software program so they can hit the ground running!

We’ll have a Yegal Paralegal to your place of business within 48 hours of a request OR you get their first day FREE!

*Min 4 week engagement * Sydney & Melbourne only

Yes, we’re happy to discuss permanent recruitment;

We only work with law student paralegals. We are driven by a desire to create opportunities for the next generation of Australian lawyers. This is our company mission. Yegal started because our team know that when you are a law student looking for work it is often really hard to get that first break.

For clients, we know that work comes in peaks and troughs. When you need an extra set of hands, get in touch with Yegal to help lighten the workload for your legal team!

Yegal is the employer on record and the paralegal is hired out to clients for the duration of any project. All Yegal Paralegals are employed as casuals and paid in excess of the Legal Services Award rate

Yes, of course.

There is no minimum time commitment. Yegal paralegals work by the hour. Some clients ask for a set number of hours per week and other clients use Yegal for ad hoc, task-based work. We are very flexible!

Sadly, no. Yegal only works with Law Firms and Corporate Counsel. All our paralegals must work under the supervision of a lawyer.

Unfortunately no. We do not offer our paralegal services to clients who cannot provide supervision from a qualified lawyer.

Once the work engagement commences it is up to the client how work is undertaken. It is not Yegal’s practice to get ‘hands on’ with any paralegal work. In saying that, Yegal takes all necessary steps to ensure paralegals have adequate training before they step into a job. We provide training solutions to law students via the Yegal Academy and we are always looking for new and better ways to train up our network. Your feedback and suggestions in regards to training are most welcome!

Our Paralegals agree to a confidentiality clause when they sign up to work through Yegal. However many of our clients also ask the paralegal to sign an NDA before starting their placement.

Yegal Paralegals can be put through the same conflict check process you would for your own internal employees.

All paralegals in employment with Yegal are employed by Yegal in a casual worker capacity. As the employer on record, Yegal is responsible for compliance with Award, tax and superannuation requirements which we manage through our own payroll systems.

The team at Yegal is well versed in payroll compliance and if you would like to discuss payroll compliance for your own workplace, check out Fairtime.com.au

Yes, our paralegals are often transitioned to a permanent position though there is a permanent placement fee involved. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

Our paralegals are covered by Yegal’s own professional indemnity insurance. All of our paralegals must work under the supervision of a qualified lawyer.

Work hours tend to be agreed upon in writing at the outset of any project though a 7.5 hour work day is consistent with the Legal Services Award.

Post your job using this link. Next, one of our team will call you to confirm your requirements and pricing same business day.