Our Team

Iris Phan

With degree qualifications in Business and Marketing, Iris leads our marketing team. She is passionate about technology and building customer-led marketing strategies that deliver business results. As a marketer, she is responsible for implementing inbound and outbound marketing strategies that help Yegal increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Iris practicing yoga on the beach, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Dan Yoo

Dan is a software engineer by training, though he hopes to pursue a profession beyond those traditional titles that are easily defined. His wider interests include Marketing and Design, and as a result Dan has polished a skillset that is able to shape the product offering as a whole. As a Product Manager at Yegal, Dan is able to effectively leverage his experience and skillset to deliver strong, lasting results for Yegal and accelerate growth.

Swaroop Sunder Raj

Swaroop works in Operations at Yegal, and is tasked with making our paralegals more employable. With qualifications in both Commerce & Law, Swaroop was formerly a Yegal Paralegal and is now a qualified Solicitor. This gives him a unique insight into the challenges that law students face. Swaroop is driven to help make Yegal’s legal marketplace more harmonious for both client and paralegal.

Michael Buggy

Michael is our founder and is passionate about creating opportunities for law students. He previously worked in news media as a journalist before re-training to become a lawyer. After nearly a decade in insurance law, Michael’s own experience in legal practice drove him to start Yegal. Today he is striving to make legal practice more efficient through technology and wants to help as many law students as he can along the way.