How did you come to find out about Yegal?


I came across a job ad posted by Yegal looking for paralegals with experience in discovery.  Within the ad, they suggested that if you were interested in applying but didn’t have the discovery experience that the Yegal Academy could help by teaching some fundamentals of discovery, particularly how document review works within the discovery process. I signed up for the introductory course!



What was your approach to looking for legal work at that time? Did you have any personal contacts from the legal industry you could lean on? 


I was about half way through my JD, and had just finished up a long career with my previous employer in a completely different industry, with my position being moved to the UK. I had a strong admin background, but limited legal experience. I was applying for jobs within the legal industry that required strong admin skills, but my lack of experience working in law meant I rarely progressed to an interview.  My legal contacts were friends of friends and this was helpful for me to find out who was hiring, but was not a focus for me.  



How has Yegal been able to help you?


I had learned about discovery in my Evidence class, but in a largely theoretical sense. Yegal were fantastic in introducing me to the basics of the document review process – how it works, the type of software they use, and the sorts of legal principles you need to rely on around confidentiality and privilege.  This really helped in preparing for my interview as a remote paralegal, as these were aspects of the job I was specifically queried on. 



What have you learned at Clyde & Co?


I started out at Clyde & Co in document review, and the team were cognisant that for us paralegals starting with them this was our first legal job. They took the time to explain the pleadings of the case, how this related to the document review, and what we would need to be looking for. It was a great introduction into how this sort of evidence management plays a bigger part in the dispute resolution process.



What are your professional plans for 2022 and beyond?


I’m still a student for a couple more years, so my plan is to continue paralegal work until my degree is completed.  I’m unsure what I’ll be doing once that is done, but I feel like the experience I’ve gained in the last 12 months and ongoing will mean that finding my next role won’t be as much of a struggle as it was prior to this one.



What advice would you give to any students thinking of applying to Yegal Paralegal?


Do it. It can seem daunting putting yourself out there, particularly if you don’t already have the professional legal experience behind you. Yegal are very encouraging to students who are embarking on their first legal role, and they work with clients who are supportive of people new to the industry.  It’s also one of the best ways to gain practical experience while you’re still studying.


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