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Tell us about how you came to find out about Yegal Paralegal and your experience with us to date?

I found out about Yegal through a friend of mine who had found work through Yegal. I asked him about the role and what kind of work he was doing and thought it was a great way to gain exposure into the legal industry. 



So talk us through what the interview process was like with Yegal?

I was put forward for an interview for a corporate paralegal position. The interview  process was extremely smooth and Yegal prepared me well for the questions that would likely be asked. They provided me with the tools and confidence to be able to answer the questions calmly.



Following the interview you were matched to a Paralegal placement. Tell us about that…

The client wanted me to carry out a video interview with the firm. I knew the position involved E-Discovery and Yegal recommended their Yegal Academy training which gave me enough background information to be confident answering any questions regarding Discovery. I was successful at the interview and was told to start immediately. It worked out well as I had just completed my Practical Legal Training courses and was looking for some practical work in order to complete my course and also get a foot in the door. I understand all jobs might not have a quick response from interview to starting day but with Yegal having previous correspondence with the firm, it made the process appealing for someone like myself who was looking for work.



Tell us about the matter you are working on at the moment. What does your typical work day involve?

The matter involves document review and assisting the firm in litigation. Majority of the day is taken up with reviewing documents; however the advantages of going into the office rather than working from home allow us to be exposed to the corporate legal environment. Additionally being in the office makes having weekly team meetings easier. Being able to bounce ideas off graduates, associates and senior associates is an experience in itself. 



Tell us about the team that you are working with? How did they help you settle in?

The team has a great culture and were extremely helpful when we started. We were all given the same attention and encouraged to ask questions given the complexity of the matter. The team continues to help us everyday, understanding that the work we are doing has parameters that change frequently. Since the beginning, we have never felt like we’re alone or lost, if we have questions the team is always willing to answer. 



What new skills have you acquired on your current placement? 

Attention to detail is one key skill that I have learned. You hear it mentioned during law school, however in a practical context its application is more hands-on. Ensuring that information does not slip through the cracks requires constant focus. Another skill I have picked up is being aware of your environment and, if in a junior position e.g. paralegal, look for ways to show initiative. There are many opportunities around, whether it be in an office or in life in general, being able to identify an opportunity and seize it was something I have been able to fine tune. I have voiced my interest in opportunities in my current position and have been rewarded with positive feedback from seniors. 



How did you feel about your prospects of securing legal work before you found Yegal? How has Yegal helped you?

Prior to Yegal I felt like I was amongst the majority of job applicants at law firms. Having the network that Yegal has created made finding positions and proceeding to interviews much less stressful. The interview tips and tricks from Yegal were extremely helpful when it came to answering questions. 



Where do you see yourself professionally in 12-24 months?

I would hope to be an associate at a corporate law firm. I am soon to be admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales and hope to use my experience in the position I currently hold and develop those skills. After obtaining some experience in corporate law, I hope to be pursuing areas of law that have interested me during the latter years of study, those being; Intellectual Property and if international travel can open up then Sport Law in the USA. 


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