At Yegal, our mission is to help Australian law students find paid legal work. Our business is entering its third full year of trade and to date we’ve been able to connect more than 200 law students with real jobs. Law firms and corporate counsel use our paralegals to help solve short-term resourcing challenges. Our talent pool is made up of trusted, reliable candidates who we mobilise at short notice to help legal teams dial-up and down on resources as required. All our paralegals are subject to rigorous screening and vetted by experienced lawyers before we connect them to jobs. This is what sets us apart. We deliver the best paralegals and we do it fast!


As the founder of Yegal, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our network of clients for trusting Yegal to solve their business problems. Everyone who has supported Yegal and our paralegals should take satisfaction in knowing they have aided a young law student’s professional development. Many of our initial paralegal cohort have gone on to carve out promising legal careers.


The economic and social impacts of COVID-19 are still to be determined but our team’s focus has not wavered during the first half of the year and we remain committed to ensuring more law students use Yegal to help them ‘open the door’ to a career in law.


We go to great lengths to promote our service via email and social media. Our new initiative, the Yegal Paralegal Blog, is an extension of those efforts. Clients have told us they would like to see evidence of a paralegal’s ability before they bring them on. Our team know that our Paralegals are talented legal writers and researchers. Through the Blog we can promote our paralegals and their skills to our network of clients and the legal sector more broadly. Starting this month, we’ll be posting legal-themed blog posts authored by our best paralegals on a regular basis. We’re driven by our desire to help our paralegals find work by whatever means possible. If you come across an article drafted by a Yegal paralegal our hope is that you’ll take a second to provide constructive feedback on the content. This will help the paralegal enormously. If by extension of this you’re so impressed with the level of legal writing that you want to engage the paralegal to help your team we’ll be even more pleased.


Yegal has the best paralegals ready to go, at short notice when you need them. Our service stands apart because we understand who and what your legal team needs to get the job done. The Yegal Paralegal Blog showcases our vast network of paralegals and their skills. We comb Australian universities to find the leading legal minds and our talent pool can help you and your team right now. Get in touch today to let us help you solve your next resourcing challenge.


Thanks for reading,
Michael & team.