This month we are placing the spotlight on another of our trusted, reliable paralegals – the very talented Sidhant Chavan! In a short amount of time, Sidhant has made great strides professionally and this has boosted his overall confidence. We had a chat with Sidhant to hear about his experience working with leading firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth (placed via Yegal).


Hi Sidhant! To start, tell us a bit about yourself and your academic background.

Hi! My name is Sid and I’m a penultimate LLB student at the University of Technology Sydney. In my first year I combined this with a Science degree, but then transferred into Forensic Science majoring in Crime Scene Investigation, as I had a keen interest in Criminal Law. While I’m not so sure about pursuing that field anymore, it has still been an eye-opening opportunity to examine the criminal justice system from a legal and enforcement perspective.


You have been recently working with a long-time client of ours, Corrs. How did you secure this role?

Since January I have been working as an LTS Paralegal at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, working under multiple lawyers and assisting with discovery in numerous cases. I was able to secure this role through the help of Yegal, as they referred me to Corrs and assisted me in settling in.


What have you learned from the experience so far? How does your job impact your approach to your studies?

I’ve learnt a lot about how a top-tier firm operates, and the intricacies and procedural elements required in managing multiple dense and complex cases. Specifically, it was my first experience working as part of such a large team and having to learn how to coordinate with multiple members to most effectively get through the workload. Furthermore, this role helped me apply my theoretical knowledge from university to practical settings, as I was able to deepen my understanding of court proceedings and better identify relevant legal issues. This in turn has greatly improved my approach to problem questions at universities, as I now have practice analysing factual scenarios and composing legal arguments. 


What skills are you acquiring whilst working in this role? Where do you see yourself using these new skills as your legal career evolves?

My position has allowed me to improve on vital skills such as attention to detail, interpreting and understanding large amounts of information quickly, liaising and effectively communicating findings to lawyers and legal analysis. These are universal skills which will be of relevance no matter what legal field I work in. 


What is your advice for someone looking to secure a paralegal position at the moment? 

The most useful advice I received myself was to keep pursuing your legal interests while searching for a paralegal position. Seek out opportunities to volunteer at legal clinics, participate in university competitions, or get involved in extracurriculars. These things not only bolster your CV but also allow you to bring a more rounded and experienced perspective to your career, something which employers are always looking for. Finally, I would recommend Yegal to any law student looking for exposure in the legal industry, as they’ve been so helpful both in referring me to employers and providing me guidance throughout the entire process. 


Once a role is secured, what are two or three skills the law student paralegal must have to succeed?

One important skill for a paralegal to have is attention to detail. The lawyers you are working under need to have confidence in your ability to conduct work without making ‘silly’ mistakes like incorrect spelling and wrongly entered data. A paralegal who minimises their lawyers time in supervising their work will be most set to succeed. Another important skill is a proactive nature, including seeking out constructive criticism wherever possible. A firm will really value a paralegal who demonstrates an eagerness to learn and put themselves out there, as although legal knowledge is important, it can always be taught to a proactive paralegal.  


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