This month we recognise the performance of May Hammoud who has been assisting the legal team at engineering and design firm Aurecon since February this year.




paralegal success story


Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself? Tell us about your academic journey in particular and where you are up to with your legal education.


I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Law and Arts and am currently undertaking my PLT part-time while I work. I spend most of my time reading and exercising my German Shepherd.


Can you tell us what drew you to study law in the first place? Was there a particular moment where I thought “Ok I think law might be something that I want to pursue.’


My interest in law was first sparked in senior high school when I selected legal studies as my  HSC elective. Academically, I was doing well and I greatly enjoyed the subject to the point I decided to pursue it as a career.


So once you enrolled  in your Law degree at Western Sydney University, at what stage of your studies did you first begin to actively seek out professional legal experience? 

At the beginning of my degree, I was working in customer service for quite a few years . It was during my fourth and fifth year that I undertook two legal internships at private law firms. Now that I have graduated, I am working full time in the legal sector.


Tell us about the legal industry experience you have had before you connected with Yegal. What are some of the learnings you have taken from those roles?


My first legal experience was at a Immigration and Criminal law firm and my second internship placement was at a law firm that specialises in Family law with some Estate law. Through my experiences I have learnt to communicate with clients who were experiencing large amounts of stress, emotion, frustration and limited English skills. I have learnt the importance of active listening and learning, developed drafting and researching skills and strong time management skills.


How would you describe the process that led to you securing your current role at Aurecon?


After applying, I received a phone call and undertook a screening interview with Yegal. A couple days later, I received an interview offer from Aurecon. Soon after, I received an offer for the position and started the onboarding process.The process was the fastest and most efficient hiring process I have undertaken. Everything was streamlined and processed so fast that it took less than two weeks to secure a job with Yegal’s help.


Once you progress from paralegal to lawyer, what are your professional goals for the future?

I want to become a solicitor and be admitted as soon as I complete my PLT. There are a range of legal areas I am interested in and my hope is to land a graduate position in one of those fields.


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