Corporate Paralegal - Investor Relations - 3 days p/w - 8 week + contract


The Client


The client is one of the largest commercial property firms in Australia. They invest in a wide variety of commercial property types including office buildings, shopping malls and service stations among others.


The firm employs a team of lawyers across a diverse range of areas within the business.


The Role


This position is supporting the investor relations team in the preparation of a new library of documents relating to any and all dealings with external investors. Typically, when the firm acquires a new asset, it relies on investment from a diverse array of outside entities. These partnerships involve a wide range of legal documents that are currently subject of a review. Your role is to work with legal counsel on establishing a new library of documents according to changing requirements of the business and external stakeholders.




The ideal paralegal is available 3 days per week for the next 8 weeks. This is a short term engagement but an opportunity to gain experience and add a leading corporate brand to your CV. As with all of our project roles, paralegals who make a good first impression make be invited to extend although this is at the discretion of the client


Please note that the client has requested a selection of candidates so any paralegal put forward should be aware they are competing for the job.

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