C Shaw
Yegal helped to make the job search process efficient and enjoyable. Swaroop provided support and clarity at each step of the recruitment journey (so no more uncertain ghosting by employers, or indefinite waiting for outcomes). Yegal Academy's course on e-Discovery was also so useful to prepare for roles that had a focus on discovery. I would recommend Yegal to any law students looking to gain experience.
William Mitchell
The Yegal Academy 'E-Discovery Essentials: First Principles' course provides an excellent overview of e-discovery and the skills and knowledge related to the process of e-discovery. The course was very informative, well-structured, and easy to use. It covered the context and underlying importance of e-discovery in commercial litigation, relevant legislation and regulatory instruments, and (most importantly) provided me with practical tools and frameworks for approaching e-discovery in professional settings. Whether you are a current law student, recent law graduate, or simply looking to expand your career into legal support roles, I strongly recommend taking this course, as you will pick up some very valuable practical professional skills and knowledge.
Micah Schembri
I completed the e-discovery module on Yegal Academy and it was a great experience! The video lesson was engaging and the material was very useful. Swaroop has also been very helpful through the recruitment process. Great service!
Emile Farhan
Joining with Yegal is one of the best decisions I ever made in my career. The team at Yegal aren't just recruiters, they genuinely care about their paralegals and their clients. As a result, they're always looking out for what's in your best interest, instead of just filling a vacancy to make a buck. I recommend Yegal to every law student/graduate I know because they really helped me to secure some great experience at top firms which I was able to add to my resume in pursuit of a graduate job. I do not know where I would be without Yegal. If you're passionate about working in the legal industry and you're keen for an opportunity to prove yourself, you can't look past them as a law student. If you're a law firm looking for resourceful and hardworking paralegals, you can't look past Yegal.
Sabreen Hussain
I really appreciate the time Yegal took to discuss my future career path, and for providing me with the opportunity to complete the e-discovery online training course. It introduced me to the role of a commercial paralegal and equipped me with valuable skills.
Jai Singh
Yegal's e-discovery course was very insightful and informative in relation to the process of e-discovery. The course provides context for the importance of e-discovery in the litigation process and defines the role of paralegals from different party viewpoints in an applied manner. This makes it easy to understand the importance of each aspect of the discovery phase to the overall process. I would highly recommend this course to students and paralegals seeking a greater understanding of e-discovery.
Danielle Pedersen
Yegal's eDiscovery training module is essential for any law student looking to get their foot in the door. It comprehensively explains what eDiscovery is, how it works, and what paralegals are expected to do on the job. The training module has provided me with invaluable knowledge and confidence to step into any law firm office and start working immediately. Highly recommend!
Kirtveer Sandhu
If your looking to get a foundational understanding of E-Discovery, Yegal Academy's 'E-Discovery Essentials: First Principles' course is the way to go. Through its interactive and easy to use structure, the course provides a detailed overview of what E-Discovery involves and the role played by paralegals. What I loved most about the course was its use of a case study. This enabled me to get a clear understanding of the E-Discovery process. Taking this course has definitely encouraged me to explore E-Discovery further!