roshan mark
Michael and Swaroop were brilliant through out the process and responded very promptly and efficiently whenever I had questions. Yegal went out of their way to match me with roles that matched my background and experience. The training they provided via their platform particularly for doc review was easy to follow and comprehensive. They managed the placements I was successful for very professionally. Would highly recommend going with them.
Both Michael and Swaroop are genuinely driven to find the perfect legal placement that aligns with your own personal interests. Communication is so easy with them as they keep you updated and supported throughout your role. I definitely recommend Yegal! It is a fabulous opportunity to connect with other paralegals, obtain invaluable skills at a well known law firm and most importantly for gaining an insight into what your legal career might entail.
Edward Rosser
My experience with Yegal Academy has been that it has provided valuable information that will assist me in pursuing a career in the legal profession. I found the e-Discovery Essentials module engaging and helpful, providing important information that is not necessarily taught whilst studying law, but will assist in the practical tasks undertaken as a paralegal.
Mikhail Safarudin
I cannot recommend Yegal enough to any law student or grad out there. Yegal has provided great assistance in not only finding paralegal openings for students to meet firm's demands but also in educating future paralegals on e-Discovery. Michael and Swaroop are great people who made the whole process enjoyable and great even though discussing career choices and future legal work may be daunting. Their attention to detail and charismatic personalities are most welcomed and I hope to stay connected in the future.
Sarah P
Yegal is a highly rewarding service that gave me the opportunity to gain experience in a reputable law firm. Through the Yegal courses that I was offered before being on-boarded in the legal team, I was able to feel well-skilled and confident in the work I was given. I highly recommend Yegal for all law students who are seeking to further their legal experience and gain invaluable skills in a law firm.
Nam Doan
Taking my first course on Yegal Academy really opened my eyes to the various nuances of e-discovery. It was an excellent, short and entertaining module that really educates you from a practical perspective on e-discovery. I would recommend any young law student aspiring to be a lawyer to take it as to become more aware of their work fits into the grander picture. Its main benefit is that it looks good on the CV too.
Michael and Swaroop were very helpful and showed a genuine interest in my career goals. I was fortunate enough to undertake Yegal Academy's training module on e-discovery which was comprehensive and visual animations made it really easy to follow. Highly recommended!
Preeti Varadarajan
Michael and Swaroop are very keen to understand my long-term career goals for finding right opportunities in the future. They also provided training so that I will be able to meet expectations when starting a new position. They are also very supportive and respond to queries promptly.